Counseling, or psychotherapy, is a formal relationship between you and your therapist that helps you grow, change and heal. With this relationship at its core, counseling at The Jonas Center helps you explore effective ways to deal with the issues that brought you to therapy and make better decisions that overcome instead of maintain those issues.

As a result you reach a higher level of functioning, heal, and master new skills. You learn about yourself and what is healthy or not, what to hold close or let go.

In the end, counseling helps you increase satisfaction and contentment in life. That means our therapists are here to listen and understand, learn about you and what brings you to counseling, get to know you, and then collaborate with you on a plan to use your strengths and personal resources to deal with your concerns and heal.

This process can occur individually, as a couple or as a family. How it works is up to you and your therapist and what you agree is most beneficial. In the therapeutic relationship, you and your needs are the primary focus, and your therapy is centered on your personal goals.

You will spend the first few sessions working closely with your therapist to develop a treatment plan to make sure this is the case. Together, you and your therapist will review strategies to be used and the proposed number of sessions it will take to reach your goals.

As your therapist gets to know you, she or he will be progressively better at helping you with your specific needs. If there comes a time when “the next best steps” are unclear, your therapist can consult–with your permission–one or more of the other therapists at The Jonas Center whose wide range of backgrounds ensure that – no matter what – you receive the best care possible.